Witching Hour

Presented by The Englert Theatre and Little Village Magazine, Witching Hour is a festival dedicated to exploring the unknown, creative process, and new work. 2015 marked a successful first year, with more than 1,300 people in attendance and dozens of participants including musicians, artists, comedians, writers, thinkers, scientists, magicians, and more.

2018’s programming will be just as diverse, and will ask: What’s new in art, science, performance, and literature? How better can we engage with our community, both local and global? What can the creative process look like?

Past Artists Include: Pussy Riot / Jen Kirkman / Low / NE-HI / Criminal: A Podcast / Rhys Chatham / Jlin / White Lung / Wu Fei / Jessica Hopper / Psalm One / Writers of Color / Super Talent Show/ Jason Sole / Aimee Groth/ Tony Conrad: Completely In the Present (film) / and many more…

Upcoming: October 12 – 13, 2018

Website: witchinghourfestival.com




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